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Taking Care of Your Fashion Jewellery

When you invest in a piece of fashion jewellery, it is important to taking good care of it as well.

Little things to keep in mind while carrying your fashion jewellery:

Put on your jewellery in the end, when you are done with your dressing, hair and makeup. This will prevent your jewellery from getting damaged by the chemicals in your makeup and hair products.

Similarly, take off your jewellery before changing the clothes and cleaning your face.

These little extra efforts will make your jewellery stays lustrous for a longer period of time and last longer.

Storage of fashion jewellery:

Ideally, store your Fashion Jewellery in their original packing and boxes if you have them.

Store your Fashion Jewellery in separate jewellery boxes in a silk or velvet pouch to prevent them from getting tangled.

Bracelets can be wrapped around the any empty tissue roll to maintain their shape.

You can use pill container to store Earrings.

Keep your Jewellery away from water and chemicals:

Never wear your Fashion Jewellery while doing household work.

Never wear your Fashion Jewellery when using a spa or a pool to protect from chlorinated water.

Always wear your Fashion Jewellery after applying any cosmetics, skincare products, lotions, perfumes, hair products or makeup products. 

Remove your jewellery before you wash your face or take a bath. 

Remove your Jewellery while doing any activity:

Before doing any activities like cleaning, laundry, cooking, or gardening, always remove your Jewellery.


Cleaning your Jewellery:

Fashion Jewellery easily gets tarnished due to the constant exposure to the environment conditions and even by body sweat.

Always use a mild shampoo to clean your jewellery. Soak your artificial jewellery in a solution of shampoo and lukewarm water for few minutes and then gently clean it with a soft toothbrush or hands and then rinse and wipe with soft cloth.


What more methods do you use to take care of your Fashion Jewellery? Let us know.



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